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Date:2010-06-28 13:11
Subject:Bingo Advantage On Facebook

 Check out the new Bingo Advantage Facebook Group where we have been posting early event invites up to two hours before surprise (free) cash bingo games.  A Bingo Advantage Twitter group will also be coming soon.

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Date:2009-06-16 11:21
Subject:Over 30 000 Bingo Players

Bingo Advantage now gives away well over $500 in cash and prizes (mostly cash) every month.

The weekly cash tournament offers $20 for first place, $10 for second, $5 third and fourth and a $5 consolation prize for the highest ranking player that has not received a cash prize in the last 2 months (this helps give everyone a fighting chance and we often have to dip down past the top 20 players to find such a player - to give an idea of how easy it is to win.)

Bingo Advantage holds large point and special cash games every Friday.  Generally around 3:00 - 3:30 pm est (8:00 - 8:30 pm gmt.)  This is a popular event for site regulars and a good opportunity to earn more points for the tournament as well as cash prizes.  On most weeks there is an additional surprise cash games session.  When the cash games session is skipped there are extra cash games on Friday to compensate.

Bingo Advantage is probably the only site offering these types of cash tournament and cash games without any form of monetary consideration ever accepted from the players.

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Date:2007-07-05 11:23
Subject:New Free Bingo Tournament *BETA*

Cash prizes are temporarily disabled during beta testing of the new free bingo tournament.  Note that when the cash prizes are re-enabled your chances of winning should be 20 - 30 times what they were in the previous tournament, because while you will be playing with people from other sites, your score will only be compared to other Bingo Advantage players.

Click Here to  --> Try The New Free Bingo Tournament For Cash Prizes

Click Here for -->  Free Bingo Tournament Beta Testing Discussion

Click Here to -->  Weigh On The New Cash Prizes Format

In other news, Bingo Advantage now has over 10 000 members!!!

Thank you for being a part of the Bingo Advantage community.

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Date:2007-02-01 06:30
Subject:7000 Members

Bingo Advantage now has over 7000 members!!  That is around 1000 new members in only 1 month.

Coming soon : I am updating the bingo comparison charts to better reflect the information that contrasts bingo sites at this time.

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Date:2007-01-03 04:08
Subject:Changes to Bingo Tournament

Please note the changes to the bingo tournament.   There is no longer a monthly winner, but any bingo advantage daily winner now gets $40 combined from the bingo tournament operators and us.

Bingo Advantage now has over 6000 members!!

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Date:2006-09-26 16:33
Subject:4000 Members Strong!

Bingo Advantage has now surged to over 4000 members!

Thank you for making Bingo Advantage the fastest growing free bingo community on the internet.

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Date:2006-08-02 14:29
Subject:Political Games

Check out these hilarious additions in our new Political Games section.

White House Joust  The classic game of joust with a twist featuring your favorite and least favorite political figures.
Presidential Boxing  This game is a simulation of the Kerry / Bush fisticuffs match on the white house lawn in 2004.  You can play as Bush or Kerry.
Bush Shootout  If you are tired of all the WWII, Vietnam and Desert Storm first person shooters, you might be interested in playing this simulation of the war on terrorism on US soil.  Bush Vs Ninja terrorists.
Dancing Bush  Here we have the live webcast of Bush's disco dance fitness regiment.  He even takes requests.
Dancing Blair  Tony Blair's disco bonanza.  This is the most popular webcast in all of the UK.  Blair also takes requests.
Dancing Hillary  Hillary Clinton the official dance pundit of the Democratic party.  She busts her moves hip hop style.

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Date:2006-07-19 22:57
Subject:2500 Members!!

We now have over 2500 members!

Bingo Advantage is growing by leaps and bounds.   Your loyalty will be rewarded, expect many great new features, services and rewards this summer.

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Date:2006-07-03 16:39
Subject:Online Bingo Caller

We are happy to announce the first release of our new online bingo caller.

Bingo Caller Help
Simply click on  "Call Next Number"  to get the next number and click on winner to start a new game.

Now you can easily run your own bingo games with our 100% free bingo caller.

Online Bingo Call Generator

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Date:2006-06-29 08:32
Subject:Over 2200 Members!

Thanks to growing favour with the search engine powers.  Bingo Advantage now has over 2200 members!!

Be sure to check out the new Bingo Guide.  We'll also be adding several new ways to interact with your fellow players.

Thank you for supporting Bingo Advantage.

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Date:2006-06-17 22:55

There are now 2100 Bingo Advantaged members.  Wow!!!

Of Note:

  • Check out the new word games section in the free flash games toybox.
  • Check out www.vsbingo.com - a fun tongue in cheek site bingo sites against each other to determine the best bingo experience on the internet.
  • Check out the Bingo Forums.  They have been alot more active than usual - this makes me very happy! =)

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Date:2006-06-12 18:07
Subject:Free Games

New Features:

Bingo Advantage now has a free games section.

Clones and modernized versions of classics hit arcade games.
Includes : Flash Man (Pac Man Clone) | Breakout Clones ( Smashing or Ice Breakout) | Bubble Trouble (Bubble Bobble Clone) | more classic arcade games..

Games that challenge your intellect via shapes, puzzles, tactics or problems.
Includes : Arcade Lines | Blooming Gardens | Rainbow Web | more online puzzle games..

Creative new games born in shockwave or flash.  I personally like twiddle stix.
Includes : Zed | Twiddle Stix | Blob Farm | more new flash and shockwave games..

Free no cash slot machines provided by big name online casinos.
Includes : River Belle Slots | Lucky Nugget Slots | Gaming Club Slots | more free online slots..

Check it out.

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Date:2006-04-25 00:38
Subject:Newest Bingo Sites and Free Rolls

Bingo Advantage is proud to release two new resources:

Newest Bingo Sites - Listing of new bingo sites coming from credible operators. [ New Bingo Sites Here ]

Bingo "Free Rolls" - Free bingo for cash events on pay to play sites. Sometimes the free rolls have deposit requirements, but sometimes they don't so check out this section often. We have posted free rolls with prizes as high as $5000 cash. [ Free Bingo Events Here ]

These new resources are frequently updated.

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Date:2006-04-25 00:28
Subject:More Cash

Bingo Advantage has now upped the stakes at our popular free bingo tournament. Winners will now receive two cash prizes. A check from the bingo tournament operators and a Paypal or Neteller payment from Bingo Advantage.

See the free bingo tournament page for the current prizes.

At the time of posting this entry, there is around $1950 / month cash prizes up for grabs!

You must be at least 18 years or older to participate. Players must play from a single account to be eligible.

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Date:2006-02-08 15:24
Subject:New Users

Bingo Advantage now has over 800 registered bingo players.

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Date:2006-02-06 23:18
Subject:New Bingo Advantage Features

1.  Players can now see where friends and other members are playing from the bingo advantage main page..

2.  Players can now upload their own photos  through the edit profile link.  The photo they upload will be used in the forum and bingo player directory.  It will also be featured in the Random Player Photo portion on the main page.

3.  I have added a bingo directory.  Though I am using this section to trade links with high quality relevant websites -- if I didn't feel I could make this directory useful I would have left it alone.  Like the comparison charts - I am only including credible sites.

Bingo Halls - Real life bingo halls. Coming soon!  Will include map links and hours where possible.
Online Bingo Sites - including ratings, promotions, main page screen shot (like alexa,) reviews and gameplay screenshots.
Free Bingo Sites - will include spam / popup information and prize / rule summaries.
Bingo Players - lost track of your favourite players?  Look them up here and see where they are playing now.
Other Bingo Directories - Simple list of bingo directories.
Online Bingo Information - News, forums, portals and mailing lists.
Bingo Articles - Direct links to articles.  Feel free to rate them.  I will soon add the ability to add comments and may also include syndication information.
Bingo Affiliate Programs - Bingo / gambling affiliate programs and what sites they represent.  Webmasters can earn income by promoting bingo sites.  It is hard work though.

Online Games - Online games including site screen shots and direct links.
Online Gambling Sites - reputable casinos, sports betting and poker sites and their credentials are listed here.
Online Gambling Resources - credible gambling information sites.
Online Gambling Help - Help for online gamblers. Information and resources for gambling addicts.

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Date:2005-11-03 16:11
Subject:Player Tracking

Would you like to coordinate with your friends?

Click on the eye on the top left corner by the users count to see where other bingoadvantage.com members are playing.

Also shows if the user is playing on the free bingo tournament server.

I will soon be adding a feature which allows friend lists, notifications and reporting the site that you are playing on without clicking on one of our links.

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Date:2005-09-29 11:31

New Features

Player Tracking Enhancements
Forum Games / Points w/ Prizes
Membership Profile Enhancements w/ Photos
Live Bingo Jackpot Reports


Player Tracking Enhancements
Players will be able to post the sites they are currently active in and what username they are playing under.

Forum Games / Points w/ Prizes
I plan to add slots and card games for points this weekend. Members will be allowed a certain number of plays with which they can earn points which they can spend on raffles or prizes.

Membership Profile Enhancements w/ Photos
Members will be able to upload personal photos and also be able to endorse their favourite bingo sites in their profiles.

Live Bingo Jackpot Reports
We'll see what I can do.


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Date:2004-09-17 22:19
Subject:Free Bingo For Cash

I added free bingo for cash.
Members can now play in a daily bingo tournament for free.

Players basically get 25 free rounds of chat bingo each day. Each day, the winning-est player wins a cash prize. The player with the most points won at the end of the month wins $100.

I'm also upgrading the articles and members will find that they can configure the site main page in cool ways that will allow them to find everything they are looking for in one place.

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Date:2004-08-30 16:33
Subject:Live Chat

Live chat is now available on http://www.bingoadvantage.com. Presently getting at least 100 unique visitors / day. After I add a couple more small features I'm going to do some fine targeted marketing.

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